What We Have Done



We tailored our design approach to complement and integrate into the architectural and interior design of the properties to ensure the client’s goals are achieved.

Our experiences comprise of

  • Good class bungalows
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Terrace houses
  • Workers’ dormitories
  • Conservation dwelling houses
  • Public and private housing development

We communicate with our client and understand their operation requirements and needs. The balance of optimal design, cost effectiveness, time and functionality is important to us.

Our experiences comprise of

  • Workshops and Factories
  • Warehouses and Ramp-up Buildings
  • Coldrooms
  • Logistic Hub and Warehouses
  • Data Storage Buildings
  • Structures for Security System
  • Structures for Material Handling System
  • Structures for Cranes and Logistic Equipments

We emphasize on technical competency with commercial aware to seamlessly coordinate our design and delivery with relevant trades and client’s team, and help the client achieve his goal and successful migration.

Our experiences comprise of

  • Corporate Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Services Apartments
  • Shopping Centres and Commercial Units
  • Conservation Shophouses

Functionality, modular design for speed and environment is the key for such projects. We understand the needs and function, tailored our approach at the early stage of the projects.

Our experience comprises of

  • Private Schools
  • Place of Worship
  • Competitive Field Facilities
  • Specialty Training Schools
  • Restricted Training Facilities
Leisure and Amenities

We incorporate the safety and function into our design and never hesitate to raise question if we have any doubt during the design process. Only with such proactive participation that we are able to deliver a project successfully to our client.

Our experiences comprises of

  • Sport Complex
  • Playground Facilities
  • Public Parks and Facilities
  • Buildings and Structures at Events and Exhibitions.

We believe all projects are interesting and we deliver it with the same commitment and enthusiaisim regardless of its size and value.

Our experiences comprises of

  • Temporary Work Design
  • Periodic Building Inspection to Private Residential Buildings, Commerical building, Industrial Building, Institutions.
  • Structural Design Support to Security Barriers and Facilities
  • Structural Design support to Energy Sectors