What We Do


Design Services

We offer design advice and services in all aspects of a project. It is our belief and intention that the engineering design should complement, be coordinated and merge seamlessly with other engineering trades in a project to meet our Client’s requirement of his project while maintaining the highest engineering quality.

Through a combination of technical expertise and commercial awareness, our engineers integrate value engineering and sustainable design processes into the projects at early stage.

The design process will not be complete without the understanding of local by-laws and Regulations. We keep ourselves updated and ensure it is our strength to provide an integrated services with consideration of the latest requirements:

  • Design Development for building and infrastructure projects
  • Additions and alterations to buildings and structures
  • Engineering and design services for fit-out projects
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering services for additions & alterations, and reconstruction projects
  • Engineering design support for security and energy sectors
  • Qualified person’s design consultation and endorsements
  • Authorities’ permits and approvals

If you want to find out more about our services, we will be most pleased to assist and hear from you. Contact us on our email or contact number.